We have put together a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions by our customers to help you understand the basics of using our services.


Question:Why is VAT Not Included in the Display Price ?

There are rumors that by law we have to display prices including VAT...nonsense!! As long as one indicates that prices exclude VAT, that's okay...Customers buying on-line from other countries do not pay VAT, so we display our prices excluding VAT to prevent complicated payment reversals.

Question: Should I phone or send an email?

 We prefer emails, in any event, it's far cheaper and faster to communicate this way. This is 2020, let's use the technology!

Question: How secure is your website,..... How safe is my credit card ?

MacSpares.co.za is a Standard Bank secure website. The credit card information given online is broken in three separate security systems and is never stored. The information is deleted after every transaction

Question: Do I have to order on line ?

No...about 70% of our customers, Fax, email or phone their inquires through to us for a quotation before ordering (we do not keep spare parts at our premises)

Question: Do we Sell parts not displayed on the website ?

Yes, if we can source it. We deal with many suppliers and some times spares have been discontinued, however we can get them laying on a shelf somewhere.

Question: Can I back order Parts not readily available ?

Yes, this is the internet age, we can handle back orders.

Question: Do you have Branches in ..........?

Sorry, no branches.... again, ....this is the age of the global village.... we can only offer low prices by keeping our overheads down and let the delivery boyz do there job. Many times we can even absorb some of these costs.

Question:  Can I collect Now ?

Huh?.... give us a gap,....to keep costs down we do not stock spare parts on site, most times, the next day the stock should be here though.

Question: Can I open an account ?

MacSpares do not carry accounts,  however you are welcome to apply for an RCS credit card at our offices or use your existing RCS card with us. We obviously accept all Mastercard and Visa.
Question: Where does MacSpares live ?
MacSpares is overlooking the Krugersdorp Traain / Railway Station we have a map reference on the website, you come to see us through our Sister company "Mackenzie and Burrell". 
Question: Can I get a Trade Discount ?
Yes, like all things in life,.... money talks,.... we can offer reduced prices on bulk sales.
Question: Do you deliver ?
No....we use a couple of courier services,  we're always on the lookout for better and cheaper rates.
Question: I live in Jo'burg / Pretoria - how much is the courier cost ?
Presently we can deliver a normal parcel in Jo'burg and and Pretoria for About Seventy five Rand. For other areas, check out our delivery rates on our website.
Question: Can I collect my Parts ?
The delivery costs is probably less than your fuel costs and then you've got to add in the cost of your time ! !
Everybody's welcome though.
Question: Huh ! Whatzat about EXPORT ?
Yes, Uncle Pavin (of the "Minister of Finance" fame) issued an exporters certificate to MacSpares for the SADC region as in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia,Mozambique, Malawi etc. - contact us for more info.
Question: Can I get Technical help here ?
We stole all of our sister companies technical drawings, diagrams and information and then posted them on the MacSpares website. Just go to the home page and look for the technical page ( just below the categories on the left). Also they seem to have no grudge so we ask them technical questions as they come up when we dunno the answer.
Question: How Reliable is your Product / Spares /Parts?
Ja ...We know where this question comes from - Far East and Fong Kong junk...Man-o-man, do we go out of our way to make sure that these stuff does not get sold on our website. The prices are GREAT.. almost as "GREAT " as the results, the fans cannot swing the blade, thermostats stop regulating after the second use and even refrigeration gas that's a hell of a bargain. Problem is, the acid in the gas chew's the pipework full of holes and instead of a fridge you end up with a flute ....it's just not worth it. MacSpares would rather grow on a proven track record than on a  "Make a killing and die" philosophy.


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