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145mm PLATE 8mm SILVER RING - 1500W - RED DOT


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The difference between a Solid Stove Plate and a RED DOT Solid stove plate



The Solid stove Plate is identical in every aspect seen by the eye

However a RED DOT Solid Stove Plate is always 500watts greater power capacity than the equivalent standard Solid stove Plate

This means that the Red Dot solid stove Plate will heat up much quicker than a standard Solid stove plate

This also means that the RED DOT Solid Stove plate will Also get much hotter than the standard Solid stove Plate

This 145mm Solid Stove Plate has a 8 mm outer Silver Trim Ring RED DOT.

This means:

  • The stove plate physically 145mm in diameter (this is about Six inches in diameter)
  • The stove Plate is raised 8mm higher than the stove surface by the trim Ring
  • The Trim Ring is Silver in colour
  • This is a solid type stove plate, It is also called :
    • Stove Plate
    • Cooker top
    • Hot Plate

Care must he taken to ensure that the trim ring is adequate to raise the plate 8 mm from the base of the stove, the reason for this word of causation is that the majority of stoves have a slight upward pointing lip tucked under the trim ring. this prevents the smaller spills the occur during cooking from running under the plate and onto the Electrical wiring on the underside of the stove plate.

Care and maintenance of a Stove Solid Plate

The Don't Do's for Solid Stove Plates.


  • Do Not use to small a pot on a large solid stove plate this can cause a loss of up to 50% of the Electrical usage and excessive over boiling will cause corrosion damage to the solid stove plate
  • Do Not allow the Pot to boil over excessively, this will cause corrosion damage, as well as a danger of electrical shock should the spillover come into contact with the electrical wiring below the solid stove plate
  • Do Not use a pot with an Uneven Bottom that comes into contact with the Solid Stove Plate, This causes a loss of up to 50 % of the Electrical Power used. Also it is impossible to used a pot with an uneven bottom with a pot watcher Solid Stove Plate as incorrect reading are transmitted to the Pot watcher switch and the Pot watcher controls the power to the Solid Stove Plate incorrectly.
  • Clean and Dry the bottom of your pan before placing it on the solid stove plate. A wet Pot will cause corrosion damage to the solid stove plate. a Pot with grit on the bottom will cause incorrect contact with the Solid stove Plate and excessive wastage of Electricity - up to 50 % wastage.
  • Do Not place steaming Pan lids on the hot Solid stove plate, this will cause the solid stove plate to become wet and cause unnecessary corrosion

The Great things to do for your solid Stove Plates



  • Make sure your Pots base is Flat and smooth so that the solid stove plate can distribute a equal even heat throughout the face of the solid stove plate.
  • Use a correct sized pan for the correct size solid stove plate. This will cause minimal wastage of electricity and any spillage that occurs can be easily cleaned up even while the solid stove plat is in operation
  • After using the solid stove plate, allow to cool then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not scratch the solid stove plate and from time to time wipe the solid stove plate with any light oil, even cooking oil.
  • After cleaning and wiping the solid stove plate switch on the solid stove plate to warm up slightly and evaporate the residual dampness.

Observe these simple instructions and your solid stove plates will always look as good as new


  • Model: PLT017 12.14463.196

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