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Stove Oven Thermostat 70 TH Bush Mount

(See Wiring Diagram Below This Page)

This 70 TH Oven Thermostat is Screw mounted meaning that the 70 TH Oven Thermostat is connected to the body of the stove by means of a Two Screws fastening the 70 TH thermostat to the body of the oven

This 70 TH Oven Thermostat Telescopic Knob shaft is 6mm in Diameter

70 TH Oven Thermostat is the Stove Switch that Controls the temperature in the oven by means of switching power to the Oven Elements on and off to keep the oven at the Desired selected temperature.

For instance Say the Oven is switched on to 140 degrees Centigrade, then as you rotate the dial of the thermostat to 140Deg C the thermostat puts power onto the Oven elements, which in turn heats up the Oven.

The70 TH thermostats long capillary and bulb inside the oven then also heat up. As the oven becomes warmer it sends a signal to the 70TH thermostat that automaticly adjust the 70 TH thermostat so the it is aware of the oven temperature. When your Setting of 140 Deg C is reached the thermostat automatically switches power off to the elements.

Heat Loss will cause the oven to slowly cool down. Again as the Oven cools , the Capillary and Bulb on the 70 TH Oven thermostat sends a signal to the 70 TH Thermostat casing it to again automatically adjust to the actual oven temperature. After a while of cooling down a internal setting of the 70 TH Oven Thermostat will record that the cooling down is out of the 70 TH Thermostat's acceptable range and again switch the oven heating Elements on again causing the oven to again heat up and so the cycle is repeated


Here is a wiring diagram to connect up the 70 TH oven Thermostat to the Electrical Power and Oven Elements.


















  • Model: 70th thermostat Bush mount

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