100 up to 250 Liter (10 up to 18 tube ) Solar Geyser RetroFit

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Inflation is SA says, Rather do not trust this price, WE will give you an accurate price !


Retrofit your Existing Geyser !!!

Make it Solar as Well as Eskom Power? ( if needed )

Retrofit your Existing Geyser with the Newest, and Cheapest and Simplest and Easyest and Best and Latest Tecnology and you still get your PAYBACK within Three years . . .

Consists of :

  • About 6 Vacuum Tubes per 50 liters of your geyser size
  • Hi Pressure Solar Vacuum tube Manifold (see here )
  • Solar circulation pump with its Solar Panel (see here)

You must Supply

  • Copper tubing and fittings
  • Knowledge of where North is . .
  • Roof
  • Labour

Advanced evacuated tube & heat pipe technology

VERY competitive prices. Use your Geyser as a Backup Tank !!!

The sun will give your money back in Less than Three Year

High pressure solar Geyser Manifold Guide

  • 100 litres = 12 Vacuum Glass Tubes ( Hi Pressure Type )
  • 150 litres = 18 Vacuum Glass Tubes ( Hi Pressure Type )
  • 200 litres = 24 Vacuum Glass Tubes ( Hi Pressure Type )
  • 250 litres = 30 Vacuum Glass Tubes ( Hi Pressure Type )

Low pressure Solar Geyser Manifold

  • 50 litre = 6 Vacuum Glass Tubes
  • 100 litre = 12 Vacuum Glass Tubes
  • 150 litre = 18 Vacuum Glass Tubes
  • 200 litre = 24 Vacuum Glass Tubes
  • 250 litre = 30 Vacuum Glass Tubes


  • The simple compact design leaves no margin for which can leaks, freeze, burst, lose heat, or simply stop working.


  • The heat pipes fit directly into the tank. There is only a sleeve inside the tank, so heat loss is minimal.


  • Because the whole system is on the roof, it is easier to install, which also cuts costs. It obviously cannot leak through a ceiling


  • The high pressure system. is Designed for city pressure, although it has been tested at much higher pressures.


  • Problems with freezing can be expected only at MINUS 35Celsius. 


  • Low pressure systems are substantially cheaper than high pressure systems.


  • All high pressure systems use a 1.2mm stainless steel tank.


Standard South African heating elements are used for low wattage electrical backup..

  • Electronic control unit is optional, so you can control the energy usage.
  • High pressure system: up to 600kPa working pressure.
  • Easy installation

A frequently asked question is about hail:

  • All Glass Vacuum Tubes use 2mm Glass tubes, designed to withstand 3.8mm diameter hail.
  • They are surprisingly cheap to replace.
  • Even if some vacuum pipes are broken, the system will still work.


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